Mentoring for Health Professionals

Are you a Dietitian, Nutritionist or Health Coach looking to start or build your business? If so, we’re here to help! As a nutrition entrepreneur I have gained valuable experience and information from my own mentors and business courses and am passionate about helping other like-minded practitioners grow a sustainable and successful practice.

What starts as an exciting dream for starting your own business can sometimes feel
overwhelming when you begin learning the ins and outs of a start-up. We’ll be here every step of the way to support your goals, answer questions and brainstorm with you. We know from having our own coaches how beneficial it is to have someone you can rely on to help grow your business, dreams and ideas and work with you on client supervision.

Each session is tailored to your needs and what is at the forefront that day. Whether its marketing to potential clients, answering business questions or talking about individual client needs, no topic is off the table!


Mentoring/Supervision Locations:

  • Leesburg, VA

  • Virtual

Session Options:

  • 30 minutes for $55

  • 1 hour for $105

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